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August 18
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❝I was only a lost planet
when you told me you
didn’t love me anymore.

Today, I am stronger.
I have grown, I am more.
I am an entire universe
learning to appreciate
all that there is to life,
every single star, and every
lonely planet itself.

If you would have told
me today that you didn’t
love me anymore, I’d reply:
You are a part of my universe
but you are not the centre of it.
It may be cloudy for a while,
but the sun will rise tomorrow;
and so will I.
July 29
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I have learned not to
turn people into homes,
and I have learned to love
with the door to my heart
half open; at all times.
I cannot make you stay and
I’ve learned not to beg.

After you,
I learned to love the ones
who deserve it and I will love
them with all that I have
to offer.

After you,
I learned that homes
can still burn to the ground
no matter how steady they
were built up to be.

Fact still is:
Titanic, the unsinkable ship, sank;
but, my dearest, similar to love,
we still put ourselves out there.

the-best-but-not-good-enough asked: You're literary perfect. I'm in love w/ your work. I can't stop reading. xx

thank you aw that means a lot!!!

May 13
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❝There were days when I almost
couldn’t find the strength to get out
of bed in the mornings.
But the thought of you waiting
for me, at school, gave me strength
and turned me into a morning person.

What I am trying to say is that lately,
I’ve been staying up too late at night,
I get out of bed around 3 pm the next day;
because why go to bed when there’s
no point in waking up?❞
May 08
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”I am my own saviour” - Jen.L 

May 05
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"The same way my heart used to ache after you left" - Jen.L

March 28
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"No hope for us." - Jen.L

i cant sleep, i couldn’t stop thinking so I wrote something.

February 17
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”I miss you”

January 31
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thank you aw

January 31
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Blind From Self Destruction

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