hi im Jen and this is my writing blog.
my own writing will be signed with ''Jen.L''
April 13
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”Pretty lies, ugly truth”

^ did you really just try to steal my poem?

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April 13
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”Pretty lies, ugly truth”Jen.L

March 28
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"No hope for us." - Jen.L

i cant sleep, i couldn’t stop thinking so I wrote something.

February 17
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”I miss you”

stans-retro asked: woah, you're fab

thank you aw

January 31
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Blind From Self Destruction

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writerings asked: hi you are perf o k

hi you are ily

castielshonor asked: your poem alone is very relevant right now. keep writing, love. you are amazing and I can only wish my poems, someday, will sound like this.

thank you so much, this means the world x

November 15
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November 15
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